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It looks like its not only the berries that got cooked by the extreme heat.  Reports are coming in from the lettuce fields and it looks like they took a beating.  Here is information from the shippers and please take a look at the photo in the link to see what these kinds of temps can do to product.  We will keep you posted as things progress:

California broke recorder High temperatures up and down the State on Friday/Saturday. This extreme heat will have effects on all the crops grown in California till we transition in to Yuma the middle of November. (Lettuce, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Spring Mix, Strawberries, Mix-berries, Melons, Stone fruit and Grapes).

The link below are pictures from Saturday.

BERRY UPDATE (9/5/2017)

We have not received in our berry deliveries yet to know  what we will get, but expect to see some issues in the near future.  You may see shortages or pro rates depending on the quality.  Here is from the shippers…. 

I am getting reports this morning from every berry shipper on the effects of the 100 + degree weather over the weekend. The feedback is the same across the board. Everyone lost a lot of fruit!  In addition to the very hot weather, Santa Maria received .50” of rain yesterday and Salinas / Watsonville may get hit with showers today. The extent of the damage is still being determined as growers walk the field this morning and do an assessment on this week’s harvest forecast.  We can expect shortages on all berries being grown locally (strawberries, raspberries and blackberries).  

RICE ALERT (8/31/2017)

PRODUCE ALERT (8/24/2017)

Due to quality issues we were unable to ship the following items this week:  Strawberries, Blueberries, and Baby Bok Choy.  Hopefully we will see better quality next week and will fill orders.


We were again unable to ship strawberries this week.  Due to the extreme heat in the growing region the berries are over ripe and showing softness and severe bruising. However,  the temperatures are starting to cool down and this will firm the berries up so that this issue will hopefully be resolved soon. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


It is not looking good for the avocado market. We cannot ship Mexican Avocado and we may run into a supply gap.  Here is a note from the shippers…..

The severity of the avocado supply and the extreme markets continues. California is done with any real useable volume for the year and Peru’s volume is dropping weekly as their season nears its end, we are left with Mexico being our main source of fruit. The US shippers are all competing for Mexico’s small summer crop, which has created a bidding war in the fields for this limited supply. We are expecting this shortage to extend out for the next 4 to 6 weeks until Mexico’s main crop reaches maturity.  We have heard of other shippers not full filing contract comments and/or pulling them altogether.

LIMES UPDATE! (8/11/17)

It seems that Limes are taking a beating from tropical storm Kevin.  We will be covered on fruit for this coming week, but may run into some shortages in the near future.  This is a notice from our shipper…..

 It is reported tropical storm Franklin hit land last night about midnight. They are projecting over 15 inches of rain over the next 24 hours. Rain is also forecasted for next week also. Winds are 70 mph. Limes are not being harvested and the supplies that had been harvested are no longer available. We will have a gap in supplies which has yet to be determined. Quality when harvesting resumes will suffer with stylar from the rains and scarring from the winds. The market is higher so please consider raising your selling prices if possible. The market is $5 to $7 higher than it was a few days ago.

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