Last week was challenging as we attempted to make contact with our 120 employees on three islands with very limited means of communication.  We gathered requests for supplies and started shopping to fulfill those lists of items to assist our employees get back on their feet.  We put together 120 employee hurricane supply totes and were able to send them out, with other hurricane relief supplies, on Saturday.  We filled six containers that were sent  to St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Anguilla.  I have attached a few photos below of our efforts to assist. 

Communication still continues to be a struggle on several islands but is getting better.  We have sent some building materials to our St. Maarten and St. Thomas facilities to start the repairs and will hopefully be sending more supplies this week.  Another hurricane is challenging us yet again, but we are persevering.  Our Anguilla team is preparing to reopen and we will notify you of the date.  Our St. Croix team is fully operational.  Our Florida facility is fully functional.  

We have set up a FACEBOOK page (Merchants Market) as a method of communication between employees/customers and our Florida office.   We will soon be using an Instagram account as another method of communication with our customers (merchantsmarket1967).  More info to come….

The coming days will bring all of us more great challenges.

The Merchants Market Team
will be here.
Still Standing.



These are the premises that Merchants Market was built on. This is what we strive to achieve each and every day to elp our customers compete in the marketplace. Welcome to the Merchants Market family. Our Florida warehouse, in onjunction with distroadline distributor in the Leeward Islands. Let us help YOUR business become the BEST it can b

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Customer of the Month

Anguilla: Picante

Our August Customer of the Month is Picante, a casual upscale Mexican restaurant with a Caribbean flare on the beautiful island of Anguilla. Owners Theron & Chloe Loizos opened the business 13 years ago relocating from California after a visit to Anguilla. “We thought this would be a great story to tell our kids one day. We wanted to bring the realization of casual dining in an upscale environment.”
A popular destination for locals, visitors, and celebrities to the island, guests feast on traditional favorites infused with a Caribbean flare. Start with Read more

Vendor Spotlight



A globally-trusted producer of delicious foods, The Kraft Heinz Company provides high-quality, great taste and nutrition for all eating occasions whether in restaurants, at home, or on the go.  Kraft Heinz is the 5th largest food and beverage company in the world.  With hundreds of products in over 35 brands, Merchants is pleased to offer the following top quality brands we have all come to know, love and rely on in the foodservice industry.

Please visit to see the Brands Merchants has available for our customers.

Visit our booth at the Merchants Market Food Show in St Maarten in October to learn more about our products including three NEW products……Philadelphia Cheesecake Plain, Chef Franscisco Frozen Chicken Noodle Soup, and Quality Chef Frozen Cream of Broccoli and Cheese Soup.  For more information on the complete line of Kraft Heinz products Merchants offers or to inquire about a specific product/brand, please contact your Merchants Market Sales Associate.  To learn more about the Kraft Heinz company please visit .




This month we are featuring the Wrapmaster Dispenser and Film.

The Wrapmaster is designed with tough, durable, hygienic ABS plastic for ease of use and quick loading of refill rolls. Its stainless steel cutting blade, concealed for safety, cuts film “Tangle Free” every time.  The foodservice industry is facing many issues today insuring ecological and environmental standards are being kept in maintaining hi-quality-foods as well as the proper disposal of all packaging products used in the process.

Wrapmaster is a free standing food film dispenser. The traditional method of using cartoned film, of which users had to dispose of after usage, has been replaced by just refilling the Wrapmaster with a new roll of film. This allows the ability to utilize 100% of the film rolls as well as eliminate deteriorating and unsanitary cartons to dispose of.

Simply refill the 100% hygienic – washable unit with your choice of film and use thousands of feet of film with perfect dispensing over and over again.

– NO unsanitary cutterbox cartons to deal with.
– NO corrugated cartons to toss.
– NO blades to dispose of.
– Guaranteed clean and safe. Cuts film right to the end of the roll.
– Film refill rolls in 18″.
– The refill rolls are packaged in a standard two pack brown carton which makes for easier disposal and is recyclable.

This month Merchants is offering the dispenser at a cost of $10!  Please ask your Merchants Sales Associate for information on 7405420 (18in Wrapmaster Dispenser) and 7405400 (18in PlasticFilm).

To view a short video of this product, please visit .



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